Our Churches

The Partnership is formed from the congregations who meet at the three church buildings of All Saints, Milton Keynes Village, St Mary’s, Wavendon and Christ the King, Kents Hill, which has two congregations (Catholic and Anglican/Free Churches).  We also sponsor Church Without Walls in the Broughton area.


All Saints Church has an ecumenical congregation that meets in the medieval church building on Willen Road in Milton Keynes Village, led by Rev Matt Trendall.

Christ the King Church at Frithwood Crescent on Kents Hill, is a modern church building shared by two congregations.

There is an Anglican and Free Church Congregation, led by a dedicated team of ministers and lay people, and a Catholic Congregation, overseen by Fr. Francis Higgins.

St Mary's Church on Walton Road in Wavendon has an ecumenical congregation that meets in the medieval church building on Walton Road in the centre of Wavendon, led by Rev Matt Trendall.

Church Without Walls is a new initiative of Walton Churches Partnership, where our Community Minister, Rev Ruth Maxey, is working with local people and community groups to establish new and relevant Christian activities in this rapidly expanding area. 

There are also two redundant church buildings in our area (see History in our Library section for details). These are St Michael's, Walton Hall and St Lawrence's in Broughton.  St Michael's is leased to the Open University and the OU Christian Forum meets at St Michael's on Monday lunchtimes.


The Friends of St Lawrence's Church in Broughton hold a series of events throughout the year, and there are also services held here arranged by Church Without Walls.

Walton Parish


Walton Parish covers South-East Milton Keynes and the newly developing 'East Flank' areas.


Our parish includes large residential areas and the historic villages of Milton Keynes, Broughton, Wavendon and Walton. It also includes the Kingston Shopping Centre and the new major Waitrose store at Oakgrove. The Open University campus is in our parish, the headquarters of Red Bull Racing and the Stables Theatre at Wavendon (which in 2013 was rated as the UK's fourth best music venue).